Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC	Sowilo	Sun
GO	Saugil	Sun
OE	Sigil	Sun
ON	Sol	Sun

Phonetic value "s"

The S-rune is that of the sun, part of the solar wheel. Both the words "sol" and "sunna" for the sun in Old Norse are feminine in nature as were the cosmic forces represented by the sun. It is the counterforce to Isa, or the cosmic ice. The S-rune is often connected to the lightning bolt, or a flash of inspiration or ecstacy. It strengthens the spiritual and psychic powers and abilities, increasing spiritual might. It provides "enlightenment" and success through individual will. The sun is refered to as the White Sow even today in Scandinavian countries. It is a rune of education and understanding, as well as one that transforms ice to water, a transformative force. It can represent high achievements, honor and obtained goals.