Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC	Naudhiz		need
GO	Nauths		necessity, need
OE	Nyd		need, distress
ON	Naudh(r)	distress, need, constraint

Phonetic value "n"

Naudhiz is another of the cosmic forces which is recognized as being a "shaping" power which form the fates of the world and mankind. It is associated with the Nornir who are the "shapers." In the rune poems it represents the layerd concept of necessity providing the friction that leads to transformation. It represents the fire bow which engenders the "need-fire." It is a rune of desire that produces the "need-fire" that drives a man or woman to obtain that which he or she desires. It is strongly associated with love magic, and the driving desires that produce not only the heat of sexual desire, but that of the desire to obtain or achieve. It is representative of the "spinning tree" or the windy tree which was the source of all fertility. The fire that combines with the cosmic ice to achieve transforamtion.
If directed, and used with knowledge and wisdom, the need-fire becomes creative and procreative. If used unwisely it can become a force for destruction burning to useless ashes. Another of the runes that can not be reversed or turned upside down, it is the worker's own will that is paramont in directing the force. It can be used to obtain a lover, to elimante hate and strive, develop will and resistance.