Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC	Mannaz	Human, mankind
GO	Manna	Man, Human
OE	Mann	Man, Human
ON	Madhr	A Human being

Phonetic value  "m"

The Old English Rune Poem says: (Mann) is in his mirth dear to his kinsman; although each shall depart from the other. It is a rune of the human existence, of which life and death are both part. It is the rune of mortality. It also represents interdependence and support, as well as duty and responsiblity. No individual is independent of others, each is part of a larger pattern. The similarity to Dagaz should be noted, here, the cyclical pattern is "smaller" the microcosm of mortality compared to the larger cycles of the cosmos. In divination, Mannaz can represent either an individual (man or woman) or a group. It can also represent the inner qualities that represent one's connections to other people. Is is a rune of assistance and can indicate a need for assistance or a willingness to assist. Magically it invokes assistance, and bonding with the community. It is a rune of social order and can invoke cooperation.