Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC	Jera	the (good) year, harvest
GO	Jer	year
OE	Ger	year
ON	Ar	year, (good) season

Phonetic value:  'j' or 'y' as in 'yard'

It is the completion of a cycle, a season, or a year, representing the dymanic rotation and changes of the cycles. It is the fruitful completion of a cycle, or the eternal contrast of opposites which provide a whole. It is invoked for a good season (or harvest) and is associated with fertility. The Old Norse name ar is similar to 'ari' which is the ON word for eagle, a solar symbol. Magically it is used to invoke fertility and increase, or to bring something to fruitation or completion. It can bring peace and harmony. It represents the nearly universal law of harvest. What was sown will be reaped.