Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC	ingwaz		the god Ing
GO	enguz or iggws	the god Ing, a man
OE	Ing		the god or the hero, Ing
ON	Ing, or Yngvi	the god Ing (a title of Freyr)

Phonetic value "ng" as in "long"

Ing is associated with Nerthus as well as Ing. The circuit of the wagon that was associated with their respective worship represented the "king's circuit", the walking of the bounds, or the circuit of the sacred wagon which insured fertility to the land. It is a rune of ritual embodiying action on behalf of the earth and mankind. Just as the greening of the earth follows the northerly progression of the sun, and retreats in it's wake, the rune is one of movement as well as action and reaction. It is a rune of invocation and action, as well as responsiblity. It is a rune of warmth and inner fire. It can be used to stimulate the growth of slumbering abilities into full growth. In divination it represents a gradual change or an adherence to ritual or ceremonial responsiblities.