Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC	Isa	ice
GO	Eis	ice
OE	Is	ice
ON	Iss	ice

Phonetic value:  "i" as in "ee" (deed).

It is the primal ice, the icy stream (or glacier) that flows from Niflheimr. Is is an "elemental" rune. It's form can be seen in nearly all of the other runes. It is associated with the rime-giants, the hrimthursar and the wisdom of age. Ice can be considered "static" as many do, however, ice whether one is speaking of the rune or of actual ice is a mysterious substance. Isa can bring things to a halt, or place something in suspension. But the mysterious flow of the glacier is also inherent in Isa, as it is realted to the primal stream. Ice can also be an expansive force, or one that crushes anything caught in its grasp. It can provide a bridge over an expanse of dark water, or a dangerous trap. It is self-contained, and as such has the power of control and constraint. It should be used cautiously.