Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC	ehwas	horse, or ehwo: the "two" horses
GO	aihwas	stallion
OE	eh	war horse
ON	ior	horse (not found in Younger Futhark)

Phonetic value "e"

Ehwo is associated with "twin" gods or heroes, the divine twins, or two horses. The Saxon conquers of Britain were Hengist and Horsa (stallion and horse). It is the harmonious relationship between two forces. The ehwas was connected closely to the concept of a man's fetch, the "horse" that carries one on the journey between worlds. It is the rune of Sleipnir. With its close connection to the horse it is also a symbol of fertility, and partnerships. It facilitates "soul travel" or the shaman's journey. As such it can be used to obtained hidden knowledge or knowledge from a distance. It can represent a journey in consciousness, a swifter flight then that of Raidho, and one that is protected or guided.