Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC	dagaz	day
GO	dags	day
OE	daeg	day
ON	dogr	day (not in Younger Futhark)

Phonetic value "d" and voiced "th" as in "then"

Dagaz refers to the a day, a period of darkness and light, since the Norse counted their days from evening to evening, with the mid-point being dawn and the rising of the sun. It is the rune of awakening, and metaphorically, rebirth. It is a rune of paradox, the balancing of opposites and movement, not as contraditions and opposition, but as counterbalances and compliments. It represents light, paradox, syncretization. It is the rune of "clear vision" and "enlightenment." It represents time and space, and the weaving movement of the loom of life. In divination it is the rune of polarization, of sunlight and good fortune. It can be invoked to bring new invoke an awakening of the senses. Often, Dagaz is found as the last rune of the futhark, which is the position that I prefer. However, since I used Eldred Thorsson's arrangement and names as a basic place to start from, I have maintained the arrangement that he uses most often.