Runes of the elder Futhark


GMC	Berkano	birch, the birch goddess, birch twigs
GO	bairkan	birch twig
OE	beorc	birch tree
ON	bjarkan	runic birch goddess

(from ON bjork: birch)

Phoenetic value: "b"

The B-rune is related to the Great Mother, the Earth Goddes. It is the mother of manifestation and of birth and rebirth. The birch tree was often planted before a home to protect it in Scandinavian countries, and the custom continued to be observed in America where settlers built new homes. It is used in "birthing" new ideas, bringing them to life. Magically it is used in protective work, and in concealment spells, promoting safety and secrecy. It can represent or bring about a rebirth in spirit, as well as the renewal of spring after a period of winter.